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With an interface elegant and visually attractive

It allows you to work in a user-friendly environment and in a fairly simple way.

Intuitive ergonomics

Easy handling, easy installation and automatic updates.


With its wizards and built-in report generator, every business is unique


Management of profiles with more than 600 access rights for each user.


Help and support guaranteed (Phone and TeamViewer) ..

Strong points

Barcode management

Generation and direct printing of bar codes to ensure the traceability of analyzes.

Stock management

Availability of stocks of different consumables and reagents.


Each user will have their password and user rights.

Medical Analysis

Enter special characters as well as formatted text (bold, italics, etc.) in your results, the possibility of following your analyzes according to different criteria.

Analysis parameters

Management of categories of parameters and sub-parameters, predefining default results, setting standards according to gender, age and physiological state of the patient.

Third party management

Receive analyzes to be subcontracted for other laboratories, follow the sending / reception of parameters subcontracted / a subcontracted.

Adapts to different machines

We take care of the automated hematological cytology, urinary cytology, biochemistry, pure chemistry, immuno-analysis, and bacteriology

En savoire plus
New interface with ribbon

Complete software overhaul to make the time spent in our software a pleasant moment.

Customizable prints

Ability to customize your vouchers, results and sub-contracting letters to your liking.


Know your receipts, enter your charges, and calculate your profit for the period you want.

Why choose us?


Software that has proven itself

The result of 14 years of continuous development to offer our customers a powerful and stable software

Remote access

Ability to work remotely in real time and access the server from several points of sale

We don't leave you alone

Training, technical support, installation and update via TeamViewer and phone.

Required equipment

  • Processeur 2.0 Ghz
  • 1 Go de RAM
  • 5 Go d’espace disque libre
  • Résolution minimale 1024×768 (65 636 couleurs minimales ou 16 bits)
  • Compatible windows xp, vista, 7, 8 et windows 10

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Rates & Options

Lifetime license
Updates and support
Lifetime license
  • Lifetime license
  • Updates and support
Server or single-user workstation
Annual subscription for downloading updates, telephone and Internet assistance 6/7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday only in the event of a general breakdown
  • Dongle (Option)
  • Additional position
  • Update and technical assistance
5/7 from 8h to 16h
392.00 €95.20 €
  • Dongle (Option)

    28.00 €

  • Additional position

    84.00 €

  • Update and technical assistance

    1 An

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